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PO Box 533, Williamsburg VA 23187


Officers - 2018

President                     Douglas Burns

Vice President              Michael Thompson

Secretary                     Sharon Tucker

Treasurer                     Charlotte McCarter  

Quartermaster              Bruce Buchanan 

2018 Board Members 


Term Ends 2018

Roger Ferguson                                                  

Frances Holt                                                                  

Mott Robertson                                                  

Michael Thompson


Term Ends 2019

Milton Holt                                                                   

Kathy Kasley                                                                 

Dean Short                                                                    

Holly Yohe


Term Ends 2020

Timothy Cordle                                                 

Charlotte McCarter                                                         

Douglas Burns                                                                      

Marshall Thomas    

Term Ends 2021

Jimmy McCarter

Harley Stewart

Sharon Tucker

Sam Wallace

For membership questions or general inquiries, you may contact Officers and Board members with

the E-mail address .  Your query will be answered by the appropriate person. 



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