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This section will include news of interest to Society members, as well as information on upcoming events.


Latest Letter from the President

Dear Lads and Lassies;


Your Board met yesterday via Zoom, and I am pleased to forward the following information about event planning for the Society..


1.  Scottish Wine Tasting:  I had announced my intention to schedule this event in November; however, Fords Colony was not able to find a local supplier of Scottish wine, either grape or fruit.  If anyone has suggestions on how I can access any type of Scottish wine, please respond, and I will offer to facilitate this event next year.  


2.  Annual General Meeting  (AGM):  The AGM will take place via Zoom on Tuesday 1 December at 6:30 pm.  A link and connection information, along with Board nominees and three proposed changes to the By-Laws, will follow next month.  Please note that those who are not comfortable or cannot connect with video via computer or smartphone will be able to dial in and participate by audio only.  


3. Fall Kirking of the Tartans:  Given the unavailability of indoor church services in Virginia in November, we have no choice but to cancel the Fall Kirking of the Tartans, which we traditionally conduct the morning before the AGM.


4.  Christmas Luncheon:  This year’s luncheon will be a “Christmas Ceilidh” theme, including a private performance of the Scottish music program being offered by David Gardner and his group in Colonial Williamsburg this Christmas Season.  It will take place at Fords Colony on Saturday 5 December at noon and the cost will be $30 for an all-you-can-eat Ceilidh Buffet.  Details will follow.


5.  Burns Night:  Planning is in sharp focus,  and you should have received an email questionnaire about your preferences for a Burns Night program during the COVID pandemic.  Please respond promptly, as requested.


Thank you, and I would be happy to respond to any questions about our planning.




-Tim Cordle


Past Letter from the President

Dear Lads and Lassies;

I hope your summer has been pleasant and that you’re looking forward to fall.  As the active social season soon begins for our Society, the COVID pandemic drags on, and we continue to struggle with ideas about how to resume our gatherings and personal relationships.


During the summer, we requested a response about your availability for a fall picnic in September or October.  The response was good, given that it was solicited during a pandemic, but it didn’t meet the threshold for what we would need to reserve a fitting location.  After consulting with other officers, it appears that our best tact is to only resume our Pub Nites for the willing and able, until some resolution to this virus is discovered or created. 


Let me add that that the Christ Church Kirking of the Tartans, which was initially delayed from April until October, has already again been postponed.  However, one idea still lives;  if the Virginia Highland Games takes place in late October (24th and 25th), perhaps some of us could participate as a group—spend some time together recruiting new members and socializing, and some time with our respective clans.  Please let us know if you would have an interest.


Meanwhile, I have reserved the outdoor firepit at Pauls 2 in Newtown for Thursday 17 September at 5:30 p.m. for our next Pub Nite.  Plan now to kilt up and come out!  If we need more space, and let’s make that happen, we can use the adjacent, outdoor dining area.  Please respond to Jimmy at this address if you will attend.


Thank you for your commitment to St. Andrews, and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.


Aye, Tim



Letter from the President

Dear Lads and Lassies;


On behalf of your Board, I hope this note finds you well and anxious to resume some semblance of a restart this month.  Please know that we have been working during the shut-in, and conducted a board meeting by Zoom on 21 April.  We hope to salvage the Society’s social schedule with some informal events this summer, leading into a great Fall Ceilidh, and will keep you posted as the Governor reveals his conclusions.


And during this challenging time, Marshall Thomas has performed an excellent service, updating  our website.  Please browse it here: .  The recent unpleasantness has demonstrated that we need to stay connected virtually, to stay together, even during normal times.   This website is a handsome vehicle, and can also be an effective one for connecting with the “pulse” of our purpose.  The Board will be evaluating this potential more fully, and as always, your input is requested and encouraged.  Please join me in thanking Marshall for his impressive effort!


In closing, I wish you much exercise, sunlight, and outside air, and look forward to seeing you again soon.


Aye, TIM


SASW Photo Album

The SASW Photo Album is now available for sale.  This is an historical album with over 170 color photos showing SASW members old and new, and past and current events and gatherings.  This is a Shutterfly album which means quality.  We now have five albums and the Society will sell them for $ 75.  The regular price for the album is over $100 but can be less if we take advantage of special offers which we did.  Samples of this beautiful album will be displayed at Society meetings.  If you are interested in buyimg a copy please inform President Tim Cordle, Vice President Mott Robertson, Treasurer Doug Burns  or webmaster Marshall Thomas.   Below is the cover and two sample pages.

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