President's Message

Lads and Lassies,

Please help me focus on two major themes during my year in office; our legacy and our energy.  While no other organization has the pride in and dedication to its history and mission, ours is like many traditional ones in the average age of our membership.  And during a time when all European heritage is so forcefully minimized, we must make an especially-vigorous effort to preserve and grow our legacy.  This tiny, courageous country of our roots that we honor—this iconic and colorful culture that has made such a disproportionate impact on the world—deserves no less than our best.

We have made strides in growing our ranks during the past year, and have an opportunity to leverage our new strength on younger membership.  Please share again with your children and grandchildren the story of your Scottish roots—the visions our ancestors followed and the hardships they endured, both there and here.  Articulate why it’s important to you and why you’re a member of the Society.  Upgrade your membership to “Family” or pay for their attendance to some of our events, and ask them what activities and programs would interest them, so we can learn what type of Society they would like to inherit. 

Perhaps we can strengthen our own links to our ancestors, too.  Would it be a good idea to share more about our family history, our Clans, and our tartans with each other?  We identify our Clans on our applications when we join, and maybe that relationship shouldn’t end there.  I offer these thoughts as a willing student of Scottish history, anxious to hear your story, too.

Our second objective is to have fun.  You might notice new interpretations of some of our events this year.  That’s not meant to be disrespectful of our local traditions in any way, but to try to inspire some creativity and generate some new energy from everyone.  If you have some ideas about our social planning, or have always wanted to see a gathering done a certain way, please step forward with them and join an Event Committee.  Everything is on the table!

Best wishes for a healthy and enjoyable 2020.  I look forward to seeing you often, and “Be Mindful”.


Yours aye,

Timothy Cordle

President, SASW

Clan Campbell of Cawdor


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