President's Message

Lassies and Lads,

                    I’m honored to be addressing you as your Society’s new President for 2022 and I’m very happy to report that, in spite of all that the Covid 19 virus can throw at us, our organization is energetic and flourishing. This is evidenced not only by the enthusiastic turnout of members and friends at our various functions of late, but also by the number of new people joining our membership ranks.  I would like at this point to recognize the leadership of my predecessor, Ed Matheson, which kept the Society spirit alive and well during the murky pandemic days of last year.

    In recent months it appeared that the virus’ power was waning, thanks largely to vaccines from one of the most impressive feats of medical science in the modern era. As life was approaching normality, our Society enjoyed its regular colorful Kirking of the Tartans at Williamsburg’s Presbyterian Church followed by an AGM featuring a fine parade of new members and the always popular whisky tasting. The Christmas party was a happy affair giving an opportunity to reinvigorate pandemic- interrupted friendships and to meet new faces.

    We thought the virus disruptive power would be safely in the rearview mirror by this time. With the fast moving Omicron variant causing a steep spike in coronavirus cases, however, and our sister societies and other nearby organizations advising of event postponements and cancellations, your Board of Directors voted to postpone our Burns Supper for several weeks. Current indications are that Omicron’s relatively shorter life span will fell the spike rapidly, and our Supper will be as enjoyable as ever. In any event, as part of the normal planning process, the Board will continue to monitor recommendations of the medical community to help ensure the safety of members.

    In the meantime we’re forging ahead with 2022 plans, including Tartan Day celebrations in April, Founders’ Day in May, possibly a Spring  Kirking, and later a Ceilidh with participation-by-all.  There is also talk of Society involvement in local celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee in June. 

    Our Society endeavors to move with the times, e.g. previous introduction of Associate membership.  One feature of our last AGM was approval of an addition to our Constitution and ByLaws, whereby we now include in our Society Objectives: engagement in activities that support local charities. This recognizes that, as an organization, we can do more to help others. To this end we have a new tradition of marking Tartan Day morning with food donations to those in need.

    The health of our St Andrew’s Society depends upon the enthusiastic participation of members. We have wonderful Scottish culture and traditions, music, dancing and literature to savor.  I encourage you all to bring family and friends to our activities so that we can meet our 2022  goal of a rousing return to normal joyful Society experiences.


Yours Aye,

Douglas Boller


Douglas & Lianne Boller



President                      Douglas Boller

Vice President             Michael Thompson

Secretary                      Sherry Cornoni

Treasurer                      Doug Burns

Quartermaster             Russ Madigan

Webmaster                  Marshall Thomas

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