President's Message

Lads and Lassies, 

It is an honor to have been selected to be your president for 2021. Though we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, we will not allow the significant challenges to deter our society’s mission. This pandemic, that is disrupting our lives, will pass, just like previous historical outbreaks of diseases, but our society will endure.


It seems like yesterday when, following our wonderful 2020 Burns Night Celebration, we learned that a dangerous virus from China had been spread to our country as well as to numerous other nations. Subsequently, necessary protective protocols were implemented to protect people and slow the spread of this highly contagious virus. For the remainder of 2020 and into 2021, these protocols have restricted person to person interactions and social gatherings thereby limiting opportunities for our St. Andrews Society to plan and conduct normal functions. The bold and aggressive “warp speed” development of vaccines and therapeutics in an unprecedented few months now give us hope for transition to healthy normal activities in 2021. Hopefully the ongoing immunization program will quickly reduce the rates of infection and sickness thus allowing medical experts to roll back and eventually phase out restrictive protocols. 

Our St Andrews Society Board will monitor the changing medical recommendations and restriction directions to proactively plan and schedule future safe society functions. The October luncheon at Ford’s Colony and 2021 Burns Night celebration are recent successful examples. These times with COVID conditions require innovative out of the box solutions when considering a future society function. As we navigate the uncertain months ahead, suggestions and comments from the membership on re energizing our society are encouraged. As upcoming functions are announced, we encourage the membership to invite friends and family to join in our uniquely Scottish flavored activities. Increasing our membership with new participants will introduce fresh ideas and energies that strengthens the society’s goal of preserving Scottish culture as a legacy for future generations. Early restoration of normal society functions and the close camaraderie we all enjoy will be our goal for 2021. 

Yours aye, Ed Matheson 

President, SASW

Ed & Cindy Matheson



President                      Ed Matheson

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Quartermaster             Wil Phillips

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